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Screenpedia is an experimental wiki site for film and television studies. Among other things, it supports:

  1. Lecture/discussion notes for classes.
  2. A listing of visual studies courses at the University of Alabama.

Need help with Screenpedia? You can find it here.

Screenpedia is hosted by the Telecommunication and Film Department, the University of Alabama. The TCF Department also hosts:

  • ScreenSite -- A site to facilitate the teaching and research of film/TV/new media, designed principally for educators and students.
  • ScreenLex -- A pronunciation guide for film/TV students. ScreenLex contains key phrases and people's names from the disciplines of film studies and television studies. Optionally available as a podcast.
  • Screen-L -- An email discussion group for anyone studying film and/or television.
  • Shot Logger -- A gallery of frame captures (individual frames from films and TV programs) and a database of editing statistics.
  • Film-Alert -- Announcements of cool films playing in the Tuscaloosa-Birmingham-Montgomery area. Find out about them before they leave town!
  • Terra TCF -- a testbed Minecraft server