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Screenpedia is hosted by the Telecommunication and Film Department, the University of Alabama.

Please see the User's Guide for usage and configuration help.

Version History

  • Updated 3 June 2011 to beta version of Mediawiki 1.17.0. Hoping this will make updating easier in the future.
  • Updated 15 January 2008 (or around then).
  • Updated from MediaWiki 1.5.8 to latest version, 28 December 2007.
  • Updated 14 December 2005.
  • Updated 3 November 2005.
  • First installed 31 July 2005.

First vandalism!

At 00:53, on April 24, 2006, User:Sammax vandalized this Screenpedia article. It was the first time anyone vandalized the site.

Now we are a true wiki!

He/she attempted to insert dozens of links to medical sites and some marketing thing: marketing buscadores

But, he/she wrapped it all in a DIV tag that Screenpedia does not accept:

<div align="right" style="height: 2pt; overflow: scroll">

And, thus, nothing appeared on the page. A rather incompetent attempt at link spam.

Subsequent vandalisms

Vandalism is now all-too-common on Screenpedia. A bunch of user names have inserted gibberish into Screenpedia. User:RoletOrolc, for example, vandalized this article today. --Jeremy Butler 06:48, 7 February 2008 (CST)