TCF 433/533 Broadcast News Analysis

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Catalog course description

(From the Undergraduate catalog) Historical and critical study of electronic-media news in the United States. Writing proficiency is required for a passing grade in this W-designated course. (From the Graduate catalog) Historical and critical analysis of broadcast news and public affairs programs in the United States; research methodology used in the assessment of news programming.

Course objectives

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Instructor contact information

Shuhua Zhou
Office: 432-C Reese Phifer Hall
Phone: 348-8653
szhou {at} bama {dot} ua {dot} edu

Course assignments

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Course number and section, and number of credit hours

TCF 433 - 001, TCF 533 - 001. Three hours.

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Typically offered during which semesters

Spring Semester

Next offered

Spring Semester, 2008