CIS 650 Seminar in Communication

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Catalog course description

Topics vary but may be research in broadcast news, libel and privacy, communication management, organizational communication, international communication, or another area appropriate for advanced study and original research. Emphasis is on specific topics outside the main topic areas, but the course supports the Ph.D. specializations and coincides with the research needs of students and the expertise of the directing faculty member. Depending on the interests of participants and on the topic of the seminar, students may conduct research individually or may work together on research projects. May be repeated.

Course objectives

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Instructor contact information

William A. Evans
Office: 480-A Reese Phifer Hall
Phone: 348-3176
wevans {at} ua {dot} edu

Course assignments

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Course number and section, and number of credit hours

CIS 650 - 004. Three hours.

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Typically offered during which semesters

Spring Semester

Next offered

Spring Semester, 2008