ART 522/622 Sculpture

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Catalog course description

The sculpture program allows students to work with an extensive range of media and processes while emphasizing conceptual development and refined technical ability. Sculpture encompasses traditional media, methods, and processes as well as technologies that can be adapted to sculptural activities, idioms, and forms. Facilities include a full wood shop, metal fabrication shop, foundry, critique/installation room, and graduate studio space.

Course objectives

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Instructor contact information

Craig Wedderspoon
Office: 103 Garland Hall
Phone: 348-1898
cwedders {at} bama {dot} ua {dot} edu

Course assignments

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Course number and section, and number of credit hours

ART 522 - 001, ART 622 - 001. For 522: Three hours. For 622: Three to six hours.

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Typically offered during which semesters

Fall Semester, Spring Semester

Next offered

Fall Semester, 2008