ART 520/620 Printmaking

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Catalog course description

Graduate printmaking is conducted in a workshop situation, including group critiques and technical demonstrations. The program philosophy embraces a broad spectrum of activities relating to the idea of the multiple and the history of printed material. Students are expected to master traditional techniques and encouraged to work in an interdisciplinary manner, exploring the boundaries of the media area. The facility comprises equipment for intaglio and relief printing, stone and plate lithography, screen-printing, and photo-based/digital printmaking.

Course objectives

Target student audience

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Instructor contact information

Sarah Marshall
Office: 214 Woods Hall
Phone: 348-1900
smarsh {at} bama {dot} ua {dot} edu

Course assignments

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Course number and section, and number of credit hours

ART 520 - 001, ART 620 - 001. Two to six hours.

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Typically offered during which semesters

Fall Semester, Spring Semester

Next offered

Fall Semester, 2008