ART 323 Sculpture

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Catalog course description

Continued development of 3D thinking and technical skills through assignments addressing a variety of materials and processes, including physics in three dimensions, the illustration of intangible thoughts with physical objects, the relevance of self to sculpture, and an examination of personal aesthetic.

Course objectives

Target student audience

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Instructor contact information

Craig Wedderspoon
Office: 103 Garland Hall
Phone: 348-1898
cwedders {at} bama {dot} ua {dot} edu

Course assignments

Course outline or calendar


Course number and section, and number of credit hours

ART 323 - 001. Three hours.

Meeting times


ART 131, ART 222, and ART 322.

Other requirements

Typically offered during which semesters

Fall Semester, Spring Semester

Next offered

Fall Semester, 2008